You’ve seen Johnny for the past few months and he always seems to be doing things. Washing dishes, dumping trash, sweeping floors. He’s one of the first ones to arrive at an event and doesn’t leave until the site is clean. He opens up his home for armour making, dancing or whatever. This person needs some recognition and you’re going to be the one to recommend him.

So now what?

First, find out what name he uses and how to spell it.

If he uses the name Johnny the Wanderer, but everyone calls him Chuck then write the recommendation as such (Johnny the Wanderer known as Chuck). Not everyone who knows him will know his full name. Spelling is very important for the scribe and herald’s sake, but it also shows you cared enough to make sure you had the right spelling. (And if you know that the person’s name is often mispronounced, you may even want to include what the pronunciation is…..just so that the heralds have a fighting chance of getting it right) If the person only has one name, (i.e. Bob) add of “local group’s name” to give some idea of who you are talking about. Bob of Waterford can probably be found. Bob may never be found, or there may be more than one, so the correct one needs to be given the award. Include his mundane name as well; every little thing can help when trying to figure out who someone is.

Gender always helps.

Put it in parentheses after the name so there’s a better chance of it being included in the information that the scribe receives. Some names are obvious but a lot of them aren’t. If you are a male, it would be nice to receive your AOA as a lord and not as a lady, and vice-versa.

Include the local group of the recipient.

If the award is given at a distant event, and no one is there to receive it, it makes it much easier for the Signet to try and find the one who gets the scroll.

Include events you think the person may attend.

Even though TRM may not be attending there is always a chance for a Regency Court. And it’s nice to be there when you get an award.

Include The reason for the award.

Give specific things this person has done. It is nicer to receive an award that shows people have really noticed you, Instead of "OH ya, Bob’s done stuff, But I can't think of what." Also with the reasons, you may think Bob deserves this award but THM may think the reasons deserve a higher award.

Let other people know you are recommending this gentle for an award.

The more recommendations TRM see for someone, the more likely they are to get the award. TRM depend on the populace to keep them informed of what individuals are doing; they can’t be everywhere.

Finally, sign the recommendation and include your contact information in case TRM have any questions or comments and need to get in touch with you. Don’t use a fancy font as it might be hard for them to read and if they can’t read it easily they might not read it at all.

In service to Ealdormere
Baroness Tesla de Chardon
Trillium Signet AS XXXVIII - XL