The Ealdormere Scribes have a Listserv. Our listserv is one of the ways in which the Scribes of Ealdormere communicate with each other. It is avaliable for any type of scribal discussion or announcements. In order to send messages to the list you must be subscribed to the list. Anyone may subscribe to the list. You do not have to be a scribe to subscribe to the list, however if you are not a scribe or are not familiar with things scribal, you might find it beneficial to speak with one of the scribes for assistance. The addresses to communicate with the list, subscribe or unsubscribe are as follows:

Post message:



Contact list owner:

*NOTE* You do not have to have a yahoo ID to subscribe to this or any other yahoo list. Any person regardless of this may subscribe/unsubscribe themselves using the above addresses, or can substitute escribefor the name of the list they are looking for if it is a different list.

The E-Scribe Yahoo! Site :