Requirements of a Kingdom Scribe

• To volunteer to make scrolls
• Deliver scrolls to Signet on duty at specified event at least 2 hour’s before specified court.
• Ensure the identity of the recipient is kept secret from all
• Ensure that all required elements are on the scroll
• Provide a legible copy of the text (type or hand written), taped to the back of the each scroll.
• Use appropriate and acceptable mediums for Kingdom level scrolls.
• Use appropriate references for the time period of the SCA.
• Should situations arise which prevent a scribe from completing an assignment or delivering a finished scroll on time The Scribe will notify the Signet Office as soon as possible.
• Check with Signet to see if recipient has registered arms.

Scribe’s Responsibilities

• Inform Trillium Signet of any Kingdom level scrolls you are doing (i.e.…commission scrolls, assignments directly from the crown) in case of delicate information, shortly after the fact.
• A commission is a scroll arranged between the scribe and the recipient after the award has been presented. Any reimbursement or cost for materials and time should be arranged privately between the scribe and the recipient.
• In the case where request for special materials is made prior to the presentation of an award, the scribe should feel free to negotiate a commission price for reimbursement of material cost at the very least, either through the Signet’s office, or with the individual making the request .
• Sign your work.
• If unsure of something ask your signet.
• Strive to use resources, to make scrolls fit the SCA time period.

To Be Added To The Scribal Roster

Contact the Trillium Signet, She/He will most likely want to see some of your work to see what level you are at. The Trillium Signet will need:
• Your SCA Name,
• Your Mundane Name,
• Phone Number,
• Your E-Mail address
• Art Form (Illumination, Calligraphy, Embroidery, Leather etc…)